Asylum 12



Asylum 10  It takes place on the weekend of 16th May to 18th May 2014 The event will be held in Birmingham at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel


msc msh ty

Misha Collins


Mark Sheppard


Ty Olsson

(Vampire Benny)

Jim  s21

Jim Beaver

(Bobby )

Amanda Tapping



Asylum 10 Emerald Adult Pass £98 (17 or Over)
Asylum 10 Emerald Child Pass £65
Payment for the General Weekend Tickets are non refundable. Terms and Conditions apply. Child tickets are limited for each event. Children must be aged 16 or under at time of event to qualify for a Child rate ticket. Children Under 7 can come in FREE with a paying adult, but does not include autographs from the actors attending the event. If autographs are required then they must buy a Child Ticket.

A standard Emerald weekend package includes;

  • A Souvenir Booklet
  • A Convention Badge
  • 1 Autograph per guest (excluding bonus or sponsored guests)
  • Access to all Stage Talks
  • Themed Parties/Discos
  • Access to Vendors Room

Buy your pass here

  1. Hi! Misha will go two days Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy! He’s a great person! 🙂

  2. Sorry about my english, isn’t so good, but I hope so You will be able to understand..

  3. Hi!
    Children aged 15 and 16 can attend without an adult as long as they have written permission from their parents or guardian.

    No need stay in the same hotel, this year Ihave been to the ETAP Birmingham Airport / NEC Inexpensive and reach the Hilton just have to get on the train from the airport (free) (This beside burger) and go straight following LGArena.

    No problem my english is also bad.

  4. Thanks so much for answer! I feel a little lost, so this answer was very useful 🙂

  5. Hi! If I have a birthday in July ( born 1997 r.) should I buy ticked Asylum 10 Emerald Adult Pass or Asylum 10 Emerald Child Pass?

  6. I think you can buy a Child pass. according to RE for child pass you have to be 16 years at the convention, your 17th birthday is a few months later.

  7. No problem! If you have more questions, feel free to ask. I’ve been to some conventions of RE. 🙂

  8. So If You don’t mind.. Seats are reserved? Is there is a rule of “first come, first served”?
    And how much cost make pictures with guests and get an autographs of them?

  9. Seat is not reserved is rule “first come, first serve”, but a last days Rogue will sell tickets for front row (Price: 30 /15 pounds for day depend row and seat)

    For a photo op, here have a list of this year:

    Jared £60
    Misha £50
    Mark £25
    Richard £20
    Osric £20
    Ty £20
    Rick £20
    Emily £15
    Julian £15
    Kim £15
    Kevin £20
    Matt £20
    DJ £15
    Jason Manns £10
    The Car £10
    Misha & Jared Double £100
    Misha & Mark Double £65
    Kim & Emily Double £25
    Julian, Ty, Mark & Rick Quad £70
    DJ & Osric £30
    Matt & Richard Double £35
    Ty & Rick Double £35

    And here for autograph. Remember who your pass have autograph of all guest but not a guest bonus.

    Jared £40
    Sponsored Guests – Richard, Matt, Kevin £10
    All other guests £10

    And other extras

    Coffee Lounges:
    Misha £40
    Ty, Mark, Rick, Richard, Matt, DJ, Osric, Kevin £20
    Kim, Emily, Julian £15

    Meet & Greet £40
    10 by 8’s £3 each, four for £10
    Event Print £20
    Event Exclusive Lanyard £3.50

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